A clearly defined strategy is the key to achieving employer brand objectives

A clearly defined strategy is the key to achieving employer brand objectives

A clearly defined strategy is the key to achieving employer brand objectives 2250 1500 EBnavi

Strategic approach to employer brand in times of shortage of talent becomes a must. However, the research in Poland has proved that only 14% of Polish companies have employer branding strategy.

The strategy creation process for the employer brand is complex and costly.

Not many businesses clearly identify employer branding as a strategic business process. At Employer Branding Institute we’ve been working with employer brand strategy for over 10 years, helping over 150 big brands to establish their strategy. Within this decade of experience, we have identified that there’s over 500 KPIs and 250 processes that construct or influence your employer brand. That is almost impossible for an individual, and HR department or the agency to analyse at once. This is why we have created an algorithm that can support this process. EBnavi is a SaaS type of tool that based on data provided by HR departments generates for you a strategic report for your employer brand based on those 250 processes.

The role of HRtech tools and applications in the organisations is growing

Today’s HR departments besides the ATS systems (51% of companies) don’t use the tools to automate and improve the quality of managed processes. However, there’s a huge need for improvement in this field. The global employer branding thought leader, Josh Bersin, predicts in his multiple articles and speeches from 2018, that there’s an upcoming typhoon of technological disruptions in HR field. The HRtech market is going to be worth $40 bln soon. This trend is going to grow rapidly due to the global economical growth and the need for sourcing and keeping the quality talents.

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Can you create an employer brand strategy with one tool?

Yes you can. By measuring all the relevant data within 250 processes from your organisation, based on years experience, the concept of Talent Journey and the methodology of Employer Brand Growth Matrix, EBnavi enables you to receive a strategic report immediately! Giving you over a hundred recommendations, based on the standards and recent best practices form the market, you can work with the report daily in order to improve all the processes step by step, and create a strong and unique employer brand, which is going to be desired by candidates and love by current employees.

Ready to start creating an outstanding employer brand?

Go to EBnavi.com and see how simple the employer brand strategic management can be thanks to technology and knowledge.

Let’s take your employer brand to the star level!

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