TOP 10 in EB content around the globe

TOP 10 in EB content around the globe

TOP 10 in EB content around the globe 1337 600 EBnavi

As school started so we do. In the search for the best employer branding experts and case studies worldwide EBnavi team found some great rich content in the area of employer branding. You definitely should catch up with them. It seems like COVID-19 hasn’t stopped leaders from sharing their views. Great jobs Guys! Thank you for sharing it with the community 🙂

Below you’ll find TOP 10 content [blocked in main topics]

[on EVP]

1. How MONDELEZ reshaped its EVP from the ground in 18 months [case study video] by Jennifer Candee

2. The top 10 mistakes companies make when defining their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by John Tarrant

My fav 😉 mistakes to avoid:

  • ‘Home made’ ie imprecise, jargon, inwardly focused, bland, lack of objectivity
  • It’s ‘done to’ employees not ‘done with’ or ‘done for’

SEE the rest of them

[on recruitment marketing]

3. How Whirlpool reshaped its recruitment marketing during COVID-19 [case study] by Neha Pradhan and Tim Streeter

  • see how to use automated behaviour assessment instead of university degree
  • laverage diversity and inclusion measures
  • refresh your idea on how TA should look at ROI


4. How hiring boomerangs is the new recruitment strategy for COVID-19 [article] by Puja Lalwani 

  • take a look on growing role of hiring boomerangs and get tips on how to do it here
  • check the exceptional case of Persistent calling in social media for 600 IT to rejoin company SEE THE CASE

[on what EB is…not]

5. About 33 things We Wish Recruiters + HR Knew About Employer Branding [report] by Bryan Chaney 

Here you find the thirty-three things grouped by theme, that employer brand practitioners wish recruiters and Human Resources knew. Cool stuff!

My favs:

  • That once a job has been posted, and you aren’t getting the right candidates, it’s kinda already too late to ask for my help! Need to include EB/RM professionals much earlier on to get the result you want and for us to work together.
  • The candidate journey is a long one. Candidates don’t make a decision to apply based on one (promoted) job ad 🙂
  • You can’t out advertise a bad candidate/employee experience..
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See the great rest 

[on strategy]

6. How to use analytics to develop a better employer branding strategy [article] by Shaunda Zilich

Love deep in reality tips and tricks from Shaunda:

  • Use in-house expertise
  • Use the data you have
  • It starts at the top


7. How to go from storytelling to storydoing [article] by Bryan Adams

  • check the difference between Storytelling and Storydoing
  • see how to incorporate reality instead ignoring it

SEE ARTICLE and 5 other ways to go beyond conventional employer branding

[on branding]

8. How healthtechs approach employer branding [listing] by Kate Heinz

  • check 11 examples of how healthtech brand their business for candidates


[on rankings]

9. How Netflix is taking over Google in US [report] by HIRED

  • watch changes in desired employers ranking
  • look at revised list of why your IT candidates will turn your job offer down

SEE HIRED US 4,1k users based survey

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10. How Amazon is number 1 in World’s Most Attractive Employers 2020 ranking [report] by Universum

Main findings:

  • The tech and automotive industries rose significantly as destination industries for students
  • Employer branding leaders must rethink work culture in the work-from-home era
  • Students say they prioritize high compensation, but this priority may weaken as the economic downturn moves into 2021
  • Amazon has made huge strides over the last three years, rising 22 points among business students and 12 points among engineering and IT students

SEE 12th annual World’s Most Attractive Employers report

Great content, thank you to all Authors!

Ps. We are in continuous search for the best case studies and EB experts worldwide for our users, let us know if you have recommendations who to observe! Report this

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