10 best articles on #employerbranding in October 2020 worldwide.

10 best articles on #employerbranding in October 2020 worldwide.

10 best articles on #employerbranding in October 2020 worldwide. 1280 720 EBnavi

As Autumn passes very quickly here is some good content pieces you should not skip if working strategically with your employer brand. EBnavi team never sleeps looking for the best practices, experts and content worldwide! Enjoy 10 best pieces from last month in different ares of EB!

1.How to show #diversity and inclusion company focus using video? [case study]

👉 see Dell case study from @storiesincorporated HERE

2. How companies are winning on #culture during COVID-19? [report] 

👉 based on Glassdoor comments from @sloanreview by Donald Sull and Charles Sullpublished HERE

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3. How Sitel has implemented their new #EVP? [case study]

👉 see the case HERE

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4. How Starbucks tied its C-level compensation to the #D&I goals?😲 [best practice]

👉 From Paul Roberts LINK HERE

5. How to choose technology to upgrade your #employeeexperience? [tools]

👉 15 tools to review from Daniel Blechynden  LINK

6. How to blend #internalcommunication and employer branding? [expert video]

👉 baked by @Emily Forbes interviewing @Charu Malhotra, piece by Aishwarya Rajavelu HERE

7. How to use AI hiring tools to reduce #biasinrecruiting? [article]

👉 by Nicolás Rivero HERE

8. How using employees family photos at work helps #culture?🧐 [research]

👉 published at @hbr HERE

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9. How Leaders Can Improve #engagement and #wellbeing in 10 steps [tips]

👉 listing from @Gallup HERE

10. How to pivot traditional banking #culture into modern-day Fintech supporter using recruitment? [case study]

👉interview with Amit Baruch, Head of Citi Innovation Lab in Israel HERE

🤗 Any interesting pieces you had seen lately? Let us know! @EBnavi team is looking for tasty EB content. Always.

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