Employer Brand Business Impact [infographic]

Employer Brand Business Impact [infographic]

Employer Brand Business Impact [infographic] 816 514 EBnavi

? 64% of consumers stop purchasing the products or services of a brand hearing about company’s poor employee treatment

The information how you treat your employees can spread among the online communication channels quickly. Following the rule that your candidate and your customer might be exactly the same person, be careful about your online reputation. Treating your employees right can affect your products or services consumption.

? 65% of adults are less likely to purchase goods of company’s which fired them

In the global, 24/7 online world each single action taken by your brand matters. Be mindful about the emotions you generate as an employer. If your business decisions force you to fire people, be sure you do it respectfully. Following the Talent Journey, from the very beginning (candidate experience) to the very end of your cooperation (employee experience, including exit interviews).

? 96% of companies already know that Employer Brand has impact on revenue

According to the CareerArc report, 96% of companies believe that their employer brand has an impact on company’s revenue. Yet, only 44% monitor it. EBnavi study has found that there’s over 250 processes in the organisation that influence your employer brand.

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Employer Brand Business Impact Infographic

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author: Martyna Karpiuk, Product Specialist at EBnavi

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