A for Audit – how to start with Employer Brand Strategy

A for Audit – how to start with Employer Brand Strategy

A for Audit – how to start with Employer Brand Strategy 1125 750 EBnavi

There are dozens of good theories on employer branding today. As in any other business process, even the best employer brand practices won’t work for our business well if we don’t start from the very beginning, from the audit.

The employer brand audit is the diagnosis of the current state of all the actions, processes and tools, related to it. It’s an assessment, which enables us to identify, which of the key elements are working for our brand and which are still missing, in the context of employee and candidate needs and expectations.

Employer Brand Data Sources

Existing data analysis – it consists of analysis of all the elements which are already working within the company. On this stage you need to take a look at current procedures, tools and documents. You check not only how the communication was conducted, but also what effects if brought. On this stage it is worth to use the external tools and applications which can support the analysis.

Qualitative and Quantitative research – it consists most often of surveys and individual interviews, conducted with the target group members of your employer brand offer – candidates and employees.

Online & offline channels of interacting with candidates and employees, such as ATL & BTL communication channels, events, including job fairs, the career page, social media channels, a recruitment process and a candidate experience, interviews, an application process, an employee onboarding, employee engagement, employee well-being and satisfaction and many others.

Conducting an efficient employer brand audit is the analysis as complete set of data as possible, and creating a strategic report with the key findings from this research. Only based on this document it makes sense to start creating an employer branding strategy that in fact works.

Over 500 Employer Brand Metrics to track

At Employer Branding Institute we have been working on employer brand strategy development for over ten years, serving over 100 clients from Fortune 500 list. Our knowledge and experience allowed us to identify that there’s over 500 KPIs and over 250 processes that construct and influence the employer brand. This amount of data is nearly impossible to track and analyse manually. This is why we have found the way to automate this process. We have created a platform which supports your business in EB strategy creation, which is the first tool on the market to audit your employer brand online, called EBnavi.

EB tools to make life easier

EBnavi analyses over 500 key performance metrics and over 250 processes identified to build a strong employer brand and is able to generate a strategic report based on your organisation’s data, within a day! AI based algorithm analyses this overwhelming amount of data and benchmarks it to the market results. The strategic report contains over 100 professional and experience based recommendations how to improve your employer brand activities, based on best and most recent case studies, researches and practices on the market. The recommendations are tailored for your brand based on your audit results and your organisation’s data.

Sounds exciting? Learn more about EBnavi and start creating an outstanding employer brand today.

Let’s take your employer brand to the star level!

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