5 HR metrics improved by a strong employer brand [infographic]

5 HR metrics improved by a strong employer brand [infographic]

5 HR metrics improved by a strong employer brand [infographic] 5461 3641 EBnavi

Employer brand according to multiple market researches serves your business in the greatest way. According to LinkedIn study, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.

5 HR metrics improved by a strong employer brand [infographic]
5 HR metrics improved by a strong employer brand

1.    Better Talent Attraction

Having a strong employer brand means that if a candidate comes to an interview, he perhaps already heard of your company. If the image is positive, one is more eager to apply and to accept the offer. 92% of talents would consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company that had an excellent employer brand.

2.    Increased Quality of Hires

The more recognised your employer brand is and the more positive image it has among the candidates, the more talented people you are going to attract. Data shows that a strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants. With more qualified applications, recruiting teams can spend less on external recruiting firms and reduce the company’s cost per hire.

3.    Improved Employee Retention

A serious part of employer branding is making employees happy at their workplace. This makes them stay longer with the company. Companies that prioritize employer branding gain even 28% increase in employee retention.

4.    Boosted Employee Engagement

A part of employer branding is also a sense of meaning, a purpose. Creating the right branding and culture of happy and engaged employees will boost innovation and productivity.

5.    Get people talking about your brand

Happy employees will talk about your brand in a positive way. They are also more eager to recommend your brand as a great workplace. In fact, referrals are one of the most efficient recruitment channels.

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author: Martyna Karpiuk, Product Specialist at EBnavi

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