„Our mission is to educate and support employers in building their strong employer brands”

Our experience

We’ve supported more than 100 large employers with our knowledge, helping them prepare employer branding strategies and campaigns. We carried out 17 employer branding and HR conferences. We’ve educated more than 100 EB specialists during post graduate studies and awarded over 50 employers for their actions our EB contests. We’ve convinced 6.000.000 Poles that they CAN like their jobs within the ‘I love my job’ project.

Based on years of our experience, we identified and gathered 500 employer brand indicators that analysed together create a strong employer brand. We packed it for you in one, user friendly and intuitive platform, which you can use in your daily employer branding work.

Audit questionnaire

Based on 500 performance indicators, closed in 200 questions. Gather data from your organization and fill in the audit questionnaire to obtain your report.

Employer Brand Growth Matrix

Your brand positioning on Employer Brand Growth Matrix, in order to understand the current position, and the direction where to head.


Understand your position in comparison to your competitors, in order to get the competitive advantage on the market.


Professional recommendations for your brand based on your audit results, which areas to maintain or strengthen, and which to improve.

Social Media Power Scan

Add social media links for your business and your competitors and check benchmarks on your employer brand social media power among the candidates.

Employer Brand Learning

Got your strategic direction – what’s next? Our EB learning can show you how to implement the strategy step by step, and join the best employer brands on the market.

We are thrilled to share with you an innovative tool to help you easily manage your employer brand and gain competitive advantage on the market.

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