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One SaaS platform, multiple tools based on the knowledge and experience we gathered over years, helps you to easily assess, benchmark and develop your employer branding strategy. Check how time and cost effectively you can do it with EBnavi.


Use our experience based learning modules . We have 10+ years of experience in employer brand strategic management. We share our knowledge with you in learning modules, courses, templates, case studies, which help you to implement data-based strategy for your employer brand.

Benchmarks & Strategy

The process of employer brand strategy preparation is complex and costly. EBnavi is a user friendly tool to help you do it overnight. Regularly updated benchmark with other employer brands allows you to maintain competitive advantage on the talent market.

Analysis & Reports

Monitor your brand’s benchmark and social media performance daily with EBnavi. See how well your EB offer reaches the candidates and how engaging it is to current employees. Choose social media channels you want to monitor and learn which are the best ones to invest in for your target group.

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Do you want to learn more about employer branding? We are excited to share our expertise knowledge gained over the years of experience with you!


You already know how important the strong employer brand is to your business, but you don’t know how to start? EBnavi can help you easily manage your employer branding activities and become desired by candidates and loved by employees.


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