Fill out the survey and become the EBstar 2022!

Fill out the survey and become the EBstar 2022!

Fill out the survey and become the EBstar 2022! 1080 1080 EBnavi

Good news! Application for the 2022 Employer Branding Stars Award is now open! You may take the employer brand assessment FOR FREE and join the Winners!

What will you get?

  • EBstars 2022 as the primary award🏆 for use in business communications
  • up to 20 category titles 🔝 you can show your candidates and employees
  • individual report of your employer brand 📊 for your team to help you navigate your brand

And now the survey is even better because…

✔️ We’ve optimized the length of the survey to save your precious time

✔️ Made it more interactive so that you can now ask your teammates questions.

✔️ Has additional features that you will love!


  • If you are from EMEA take the survey till the end of August
  • If you are from the Americas take the survey till the 15th of September
  • If you are from APAC take the survey till the end of October

Check the 2021 Winners here and join the family next to companies such as: Bolt, Glovo, Jeronimo Martins, Philip Morris and many more!

Do not worry if you are not scoring enough. Your answers will be kept on file for the subsequent try you may make in 90 days.

The survey is based on closed questions only (biased-free) and is 100% safe in data protection.

Fill out the survey here

Good luck!



Let’s take your employer brand to the star level!

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