10 awesome tools to boost your employer branding

10 awesome tools to boost your employer branding

10 awesome tools to boost your employer branding 816 610 EBnavi

Analytics & Strategy


The majority of companies on the market usually start employer branding from particular actions addressed to their candidates, rather than employees. We believe this approach is not enough. In fact, employer branding is a complex business process, governed by a lot of data, which not many are making use of. EBnavi uses a methodology of a Talent Journey, which you can explore more here

EBnavi is a tool that allows you to assess all the data related to your employer brand. This means you have 500 KPIs within 250 organisational and HR processes. It is a great tool to start with employer branding. EBnavi audit results identify strong and weak points of your employer brand and make appointing a strategic direction simple.

Candidate Relationship Management

Every HR employee knows that a good Applicant Tracking System makes life a lot easier. It also helps to drive the best results in terms of relationships with our talents. Apart from popular corporate solutions, we wanted to focus more on more creative ones, designed by startups. Take a look at the list of ATS below and choose the one most suitable to your employer brand needs. Most of them includes also people analytics functionalities. 




Candidate Experience

Research shows that the majority of candidate experience issues results from such a simple thing as timing!
That’s correct, the most important thing your candidates want from you as a recruiter/employer is to get information on time. When is the next meeting, what is the status of a resume they submitted a week ago, what are the next steps in the recruitment process. Therefore, in this process the best use you can make of any sort of automation apps. An AI based software will send an automatic notification to a candidate for you. Don’t forget that more and more candidates use their mobile to apply. 


Smart Recruiters

Employee Well-being

Well-being at workplace has become a serious element of employer branding. Creating a culture of well-being can bring a lot of benefits to your employees and attract talents easier. Employee well-being have different dimensions, starting from health and wellness, through mental health and emotions or even your employees personal finance!
If your employer brand well-being takes an important spot in your company, it will lead to happier employees who will be more engaged in their work, be more loyal and stay longer with the company. 

Virgin pulse

A complex employee well-being solution 


Headspace app can help your employees deal with daily stress by using meditation

Mint Intuit

It is a useful app to support financial well-being of your employees. 

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are proven to be most quality, time and cost effective recruitment channel. The referred employees represent higher culture fit, they are hired faster and stay with the employer longer, compared to other sourcing channels. 


A user-friendly software to manage referrals for your employer brand. Thanks to the gamified mechanisms, a mix of financial and non-financial incentives, easy integration with ATS and social media, makes referring a simple and exciting process for your employees. Moreover, Pepperto analytics allows HR to track the state of referrals in the organisation. 

The number of HR tech applications and technologies to help boost your employer brand is growing and it is time to learn how to improve HR performance, improve results and save the precious time using them. 

What are your favourite and most useful HR & Employer Branding applications you use at work? Share your experiences with us at hello@ebnavi.com!

author: Martyna Karpiuk, Product Specialist at EBnavi

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